Equipment & Accessories



We provide a wide range of dragon boat equipment and accessories for use with all types of IDBF specification dragon boats as well as equipment and accessories specifically for use with Champion dragon boats.

Dragon Heads

Dragon Tails


Drum Beaters

Steering Oar

Number Board

Boat Scales

PVC Boat Covers

Launching Trolley

We also provide buoyancy aids, wetsuits, trailers, wooden seats, seat screws, drum bungee cords, steering arms, steering pins, steering loops, number board pin’s, bungs, floatation compartment hatch covers, fenders and inflatable boat rollers.

With over 25 years of dragon boat knowledge and experience we are able to offer advice on all aspects of dragon boat racing and boat care.

If you require further information, assistance or advice on any aspect of dragon boat racing and / or boat care please contact us.