Incredible versatile and ultra stable, our pontoons provide the solution for accessing any type of water to suite a wide range of event applications 

Each standard 3m x 2m section of pontoon has as a safe maximum weight loading of 1,800 kg's. Our Pontoons can be assembled in many different of configurations to suit any event venue. 

When working on or near water pontoons can be utilised for a range of events and applications:

Dragon Boat Racing Events - providing a safe & suitable access solution for competitors to embark and disembark the dragon boats.  

Fireworks platforms – ideal for that special event, weddings, new boat launch and corporate party’s

Pedestrian Access Bridges – Providing an access solution with a working capacity of 20,000 people a day

Dive Platforms – Ideal for long distance swimming events providing a safe platform to drive off

The Arts / Floating Stages – A stable and suitable environment for actors to perform on with a unique setting

Temporary landing stages – The solution for river taxis and alike when staging large events or just the need for extra space

Public Relations / Corporate promotion – Floating Luxury cars & 4x4's, golf buggies, bouncy castles, caravans and much more

Marquee platforms – The ideal solution for weddings, corporate hospitality and exhibitions, where the location and atmosphere is key to the success of the event.

We provide short, medium and long term hire/rental solutions as well as new pontoon sales and installation for permanent applications.

If you require a pontoon solution, contact us to see how we can assist you on your next event or project.