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Champion Dragon Boat Resin Gunwales

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Constructed in composite material fiberglass reinforced plastic, which acts as a reinforcing agent that adds strength without adding additional weight. They are chemical, rust and temperature resistant, non-conductive and non-magnetic.
Options: 9m boat & 12m boats.

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Champion Dragon Boat Resin Gunwales:

Key Features:
one piece formed (9m or 12.4m long)
Lasting Performance and Stability
High Strength
Good Tenacity
High Corrosion Resistance
Excellent Structural Properties
Resistant Inhibited
Environmentally Safe
Wide Temperature Range for use in different environments
Compatible with Champion G3 and G4 9m and 12m dragon boats as well as other dragon boat manufactures
Compatible with Champion Gunwale cap ends.

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Champion 12m Resign Gunwales, Champion 9m Resign Gunwales