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Chippenham Festival

Chippenham Dragon Boat Festival

On Saturday the 16th of July 12 teams raced against each other in a bid to become champions! This is the 3rd year this festival has ran and each year more people attend and the attractions such as the bouncy castle, food stalls and live band stage get bigger and better!

The event had two large pontoons installed on the river to create a team boat loading area for each boat, we also installed a large marquee which accommodated the different teams.

The first round was a warm up for the teams, where they could receive some Olympic style training and practice their technique’s before the real competition began. Some teams gained some great times for their first time on the water, going forward nobody could predict what would happen.

Competition was higher than ever this year due to the returning team 9LRC and the new army team 21st Regiment who were both out to prove who is the best, during the races leading up to the final both teams stuck out from the rest coming in on equal footing! During the final something happened that we haven’t witnessed before, both teams finished the race with a time of 1:09:43 but after 10 minutes of checking the photo finish over and over we final found a winner! 21st Regiment took the lead by only 1 pixel… Can you tell which team won from the image below?

Not only was the racing a great experience for competitors, but for the bystanders as well! Over 750 people turned up to the event to experience dragon boating, some for their first ever times, which made the atmosphere grow with the competitiveness of the teams.

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