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Adequate staff training in any job is a vital to ensure both staff competency and client safety and for this reason, Race The Dragon Ltd. place great emphasis on continuous staff training. Whilst training for technical jobs are better delivered by classroom based training modules, training for skills based jobs ideally require experienced mentors to train and shadow their pupils. How else for instance would you learn the skills needed to safely drive a car?

Race The Dragon’s training program is mainly an event’s based continuous employee training program, where dragon boat skills are developed through racing against the best and land based experience through one-to-one training.

Our senior helms are multi-disciplined water sports professionals, each with decades of experience teaching dragon boating at local, regional, national and event international levels and several members of the team are dragon boat World Champions. Learn from the very best is our philosophy. New helms applying to join Race The Dragon require a minimum entry level in terms of dragon boat skills, which for the successful applicants are then advanced through guidance, support, experience at events.

The Events Team at Head Office are also trained to provide exceptional personal service for our clients. Our core team each have many years experience planning and delivering successful events, from small corporate events for senior management who want an afternoon dragon boating, to larger festivals requiring a wide range of event infra-structure and elements including: marquees, catering, bars and entertainment, up to and including the largest dragon boat festival ever held in the UK, the 10th E.D.B.F. European Nations Championships, where Race The Dragon’s event management team was used to organise the transport and delivery of 45 dragon boats, plus provide logistical support and management for an intensive 4-day race program involving 2,400 competitors from 18 countries.

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