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Deloitte Dragon Boat Championship

“Deloitte” is the brand under which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and related services to select clients.

On the 8th of September fifty delegates arrived for their team building experience which was equated to four teams (Usain Boat, Yeah Buoy, Boaty MC Boat Face, and The Gold Standard) raced along Surrey Docks Water sports Centre competing against fellow colleagues with an aim to be the best in the company!

The teams arrived at 3:30pm and after brief introductions were made between them, a senior company partner then stood up and gave a welcome speech and finished by saying may the best team win, followed by a big cheer from the competitors! The safety and technical briefings then commenced, competitors grabbed their paddles, buoyancy aids and stood as a team, as Race the Dragon went through safety precautions, other staff members demonstrated how to use the paddle correctly whilst out on the water, followed by some hot tips!

As teams raced along the water their competitive side came out, team tactics and race strategies were now the top priority! Due to Olympic style training on the way up to the start line times went down from an average of 1:01:35 in the first round to an amazing 0:56:43 in the final sprints!

Once the racing had finished an awards ceremony was held and a speech was given by a senior partner, medal’s and a trophy went to team Yeah Buoy for achieving 1st place in the Deloitte Dragon Boat Challenge! This was then followed by a full BBQ banquet laid out for the competitors and team supporters and a fully stacked free bar with wine, beer and water…


Mr H Cheetham

Senior Consultant


“We really enjoyed the event, I’ve had several colleagues tell me it’s the event they’ve enjoyed most in their time at the company!

Everything was smoothly run on the day, from arrival, the racing, prize-giving to the food. The staff on the day were really helpful and drummed up a fun atmosphere for everyone involved.

I’d definitely recommend Race the Dragon to friends and colleagues.”

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