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Champion Dragon Boats manufactures 10 different types of dragon boat. The smallest dragon boat is 7.8 meters long with a capacity for 5 people, when the largest boat is 19 meters long and has a capacity for up to 42 people.

China is the originating home of dragon boat racing where the history of the sport can be traced back over 2000 years. There, it is often quite common to see the larger boats raced on a frequent basis.

Today, the Dragon boats used all around the world are designed to a specific international specification of which was devised and developed by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF).

Now, the main three different types of dragon boat are all international dragon boat federation (IDBF) specification. They are commonly used all around the world by clubs, teams, Watersports centres and sports organisations.

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New Dragon Boats

Champion 12 m / 22 person dragon boat

1222 – 12m / 22 people

The standard international racing boat for over 20 years used by, clubs and teams and also at all World and European championships as well as community festivals and…

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Champion 9 m / 12 Person "Festival" Dragon Boat

912 “festival”

9m / 12 people The international small class boat, used at World and European championships up until 2012, this boat commonly used for community festivals and…

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Champion 9 m / 12 Person "Festival" Dragon Boat

912 “race”

9m / 12 person The world’s newest dragon boat designed and manufactured by Champion in association with the IDBF (international dragon boat federation) and Champion’s global…

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