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4m Ratchet Strap

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4m Ratchet Strap:

5000kg ratchet straps that are designed with ease and convenience in mind, easily tightened and released using one hand. The webbing is made from soft, yet highly durable, polyester that has a strength rating of 5000kg. This includes a ratchet strap in 4m length; webbing parts with hooks; and ratchet handles by themselves. 5000kg ratchet straps are used for tying down loads for either transportation or storage to ensure that they are secure. ratchets are measured from bearing point to bearing point.

Break/Load in kgs: 5000
Width in mm: 50
Colour: Blue
Length in metres: 4

5000KG Minimum Break Strength
LC 2500daN
Strong, Hard wearing
Individually Certified
Strong Welded Double J hook
5000kg rated strength with a minimum break strain of 2500 DAN.

• Used for securing/lashing and fastening loads.
• Ratchets conform to EN12195-2:2001 safety performance requirements.
• Quick release mechanism for easy use.
• Produced from 100% polyester material.
• Available in 4m lengths.
• Available in blue.
• 5000kg ratchets have a 50mm webbing width.
• Supplied with ‘J’ hooks
• Each part of the lashing assembly is marked with manufacturers mark, size, length and ID mark.
• Individual certification can be supplied.
• Ratchets are measured from bearing point to bearing point.