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Inflatable Boat Roller

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Never lift a boat when you really don’t have to, let the rollers do the work.

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Inflatable Boat Roller:

Ideal for moving boats or a range of objects that are awkward or not possible to lift by hand. Suitable for use on various different surfaces including sand, shingle, and stone beaches. Inflatable Boat Rollers can also be used on concrete slipways. Constructed in durable PVC, fitted with a one-way valve and value cap.

If launching and recovering dragon boats with steep water access, inflatable rollers are perfectly suited, removing the requirement for dragon boats to be carried by hand. This significantly reduces the likelihood of sustaining damage to the boat’s hull.  Using inflatable rollers combined with a lunching trolley to launch and recover dragon boats completely removes the requirement to lift the dragon boat by hand.

We recommend using 4 or 2 inflatable boat roller if also using a launching trolley for dragon boats.

Each roller capacity is up to 450kg load weight.

Length: 125 cm
Width: 25 cm

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